Hi! I’m Sandra Muir, a social media consultant based in Southwestern Ontario. I started my career as a journalist for CTV News (helping to launch CTV’s first-ever news website!). I later shifted into marketing, and in 2011, landed in the world of social media.

For close to nine years, I managed social media — and more than my fair share of PR issues — for Wilfrid Laurier University. Since leaving Laurier in 2019, I’ve been helping businesses and non-profits across Canada create and implement successful social media strategies.

Like many social media managers, I want to support others in the industry who are often a team of one, or part of a small team. There are also many other people who post — like business owners — who need support. So, I started The Social Platypus newsletter to teach others how to be more strategic.

What is The Social Platypus?

The Social Platypus is a weekly newsletter for people who post, and anyone interested in social media strategy, news and trends.

But don’t expect an endless list of the latest news and platform updates.

Sure, I share a carefully curated list of the latest news, trends and content curated specifically for people who post.

But TSP is focused on strategy, and the what, why, and how you post. Every week, I share a story or example from my life, or from the headlines, and break down what you need to know from a strategic perspective.

The Social Platypus newsletter is free, and delivered to your inbox every Monday morning.

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Hi! I'm Sandra Muir. I've been working in social media for more than a decade. As a social media consultant, I help businesses and non-profits take a strategic, authentic approach to social media.